Hi, I am Sara Cassidy

In November of 2020 I decided I wanted to build a greenhouse for my photography business. It was a much harder process than I anticipated, but I was determined to have it. I was so excited for spring I started getting it ready in January. I finally got it decorated the way I wanted and in February I was diagnosed with an extremely aggressive form of breast cancer. My life went into a whirlwind of doctor visits, chemo, surgeries, and radiation. I was completely overwhelmed. I was also wondering how I was going to pay all these new doctor bills since I was unable to book clients due to my illness. That's when I decided to share my greenhouse with local photographers. I can't tell you all what a blessing you are to me. Not just because you rent the greenhouse, but I enjoy getting to know other photographers in the area and making friends. I'm so grateful to y'all. We have recently decided to rent the greenhouse for events as well. We work with Storybook Micro Weddings. If you'd like to book a wedding we would love to meet with you and go over all the details in person. Please contact us at 417-693-5601

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Photo credit: Danielle Sloan Photography